i n f o

c o n t a c t

v i t a

Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir is an Icelandic artist and designer.

She graduated in 2016 with a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University in London. 

She has participated in several group exhibitions around the world as well as had solo shows

in London, Adelaide, Copenhagen, Reykjavík and Berlin. 

In her art practice she has been focusing mainly on collage and photography where her work is

minimalist and playful. In 2020 she started her own label sósa (originally as blú_

a sustainable clothing studio focussed on deadstock materials and experimental pieces

as well as timeless staples. After moving to Copenhagen in 2022 her and her partner,

Dane Hirsinger opened a speciality coffee shop, Wild horses –  where she takes care of all branding,

graphic design and social media. After being nominated for café of the year in Politiken they opened

their second location where sósa studio is also located. In November 2023 they expanded and

opened Wild horses Gallery on their first anniversary where she is a Gallery Director and curator.